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Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War



  1. Light Artillery Saber(gilt mountings for officers 1840-1851)
  2. Cavalry Officer's Saber (Model of 1860)

Enlisted sabers were similar to officer's but lack ornamentation of the pommel and etching on the blade. The older heavier model 1840 cavalry saber was widely used during the war. This was in part because many of the German blade manufacturers did not have the specifications for the newer Model 1860 blade when hostilities broke out. The term "model 1860" cavalry saber is widely used and understood, but the first production of this sword dates to 1857. The officer's version of the light artillery saber was regulation 1840-1851. After 1851 the staff and field patterns were regulation for all light artillery officers, but some continued to carry the older pattern saber.

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