Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Enlisted Men's Uniforms and Sashes


First Sergeant Thomas J. Wood
142nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Co. A

Wood is wearing a frock coat with his red worsted sash worn in the fashion of an Acting Officer of the Day. The Officer of the Day was charged with the mounting of guards at an Army post or camp and was generally a commissioned officer. On occasion senior non-commissioned officers were given this duty and the title Acting Officer of the Day. Photographs show Officers of the Day wearing the sash in two different ways. In some cases the sash is worn, as Wood is wearing, it once over the right shoulder and once around the waist tried at the left hip. Others wear it in the regulation scarf fashion twice over the right shoulder. Unlike officers sashes these were issued items and cost the government about $2.50 each to acquire. With the 1872 Regulations sashes were discontinued for all but general officers.

Courtsey of Jeff Knapp
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