Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Generals' Uniforms

Major General

Major General's Uniform

The major general is wearing a double-breasted frock coat. Unique to a general's regulation uniform are dark blue velvet collar and cuffs. All the buttons are of the type worn by generals and staff officers. For a major general a pattern of nine buttons were worn placed by threes. The hat has an insignia on the front consisting of the silver letters U.S. surrounded by gold embroidered wreath. The pants are dark blue and lack any kind of cord or stripe. Note the buff silk sash and sword belt with three row of gold embroidery. worn by generals. His epaulettes have two stars: one on the pad and a smaller one on the strap. He is wearing a general's sword and is pulling on a pair of gloves.

Elements of the Uniform:Hat Wreath, Epaulette, Buttons, Sash, Sword Belt,and General's Sword.

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