Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Generals' Uniform

Brigadier General

Brigadier General's Uniform

The basic uniform coat is a double-breasted frock coat. Unique to a general's regulation uniform are a dark blue velvet collar and cuffs. The cuffs, like the cuffs of all other officers, have three small buttons. All the buttons are of the type worn by generals and staff officers. For a brigadier a pattern of eight buttons placed by twos were worn. The hat has an insignia on the front consisting of the silver letters U.S. surrounded by gold embroidered wreath. The pants are dark blue and lack any kind of cord or stripe. Note the buff silk sash worn by generals. All officers are pictured in The Altas to accompany the Official Records wearing epaulettes. Photographic evidence suggests epaulettes, which were worn for dress, were not commonly worn and officers appear more often wearing shoulder straps. This illustration has one incorrect detail. The regulations call for a brigadier's star to be on the strap of the epaulette and not the pad as illustrated. During the postwar years and at the time that this illustration was made, the star was worn on the pad.

Elements of the Uniform:Hat Wreath, Epaulette, Buttons, Sash, Sword Belt,and General's Sword.

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Photograph of Major General Banks holding Chapeau
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