Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Officer's Grade (Rank) Insignia

Nonregulation Shoulder Straps
Nonregulation Shoulder Straps

  • Cavalry Colonel
  • Infantry Major (with a deeper blue than typical)
  • Artillery First Lieutenant (the bar is also doubled)
    A Captain would have two sets of double bars.

    These have a double border not prescribed by regulation. The colonel's eagle has a wings that are made of sequins and longer than the two inch span mentioned in the Regulations. The lieutenant's bars are gold as mentioned in the regulations. Silver bars were not adopted until 1872.

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    Double Border Shoulder Straps of Staff First Lieutenants
    Double Border Shoulder Straps of Staff Major
    Shoulder Strap of MOH winner George Davis
    Stylistic Features of Civil War Colonel's Shoulder Straps
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