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2nd Corps Badge

Embroidered Badge of the 3rd Divison 2nd Army Corps

Corps badges exist in cloth and metal. Those issued to enlisted men were cut from material using a die. This badge with an embroidered border was private purchase. Other private purchase badges were made made of metal. The badges were originally issued to the Army of the Potomac in April 1863. After the Civil War badges were made by veterans to commemorate their units and many fakes and reproductions also exist.

As a general rule army corps had three divisions that were assigned the colors: red for the first division, white for the second division and blue for the third division. In addition, corps staff personnel wore a tricolored badge since they did not belong to a particular division of the corps.

The Second Army Corps had an illustrious history and are best remembered serving under General Hancock and turning back Pickett's charge during the battle of Gettysburg.

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