Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Light Artillery Officers' Jackets

Artillery Officer 2 Artillery Officer 3
Second Lieutenant
(Courtesy: Bob Borrell)
Officer in Shoulder Knots
(Courtesy: Bob Borrell)

The regulations prescribed a round jacket, trimmed in scarlet with Russian shoulder knots for undress wear by officers of light artillery. A jacket is a more functional garment for a mounted soldier than a frock coat. The term "round" jacket is likely a short form of the term "roundabout." This refers to a garment that goes entirely around the waist and is not interrupted by having tails in the back. Because uniforms were privately manufactured and tailored for individual officers there is some variation in these. Heavy artillery officers also appear in photographs wearing jackets. The two images above are artillery officers from the collection of Bob Borrell wearing jackets.

The first officer is a second lieutenant wearing a short jacket with shoulder straps rather than Russian shoulder knots. His forage cap has embroidered crossed cannon without a number in the center. He is wearing a sword belt with a cap box, sword belt plate, holster and a cavalry saber. The practice of officers wearing an other than regulation sword is not unusual. His trousers seem to be of a darker shade than is usual.

The last officer is also wearing a jacket with shoulder knots. The presence of grade devices on the knots cannot be ascertained. The buttons are smaller than the ones on the second lieutenant's jacket. He is wearing a rather high crowned chausser type forage cap with crossed cannon surmounted by a "9." His trousers are light blue in color. He also seems to be holding a cavalry saber.

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