1468. For General Officers and Officers of the Ordnance Department--of dark blue cloth, plain, without stripe, welt, or cord down the outer seam.

1469. For Officers of the General Staff and Staff Corps, except the Ordnance--dark blue cloth, with a gold cord, one-eighth of an inch in diameter, along the outer seam.

1470. For all Regimental Officers--dark blue cloth, with a welt let into the outer seam, one-eighth of an inch in diameter, of colors corresponding to the facings of the respective regiments, viz.: Cavalry, yellow; Artillery, scarlet; Infantry, sky-blue.

1471. For Medical Cadets--same as for Officers of the general Staff, except a welt of buff cloth, instead of a gold cord.

1472--For Enlisted Men, except companies of Light Artillery--dark blue cloth; sergeants with a stripe one and one-half inch wide; corporals with a stripe one-half inch wide, of worsted lace, down and over the outer seam, of the color of the facings of the respective corps.

1473. Ordnance Sergeants and Hospital Stewards--stripe of crimson lace one and one-half inch wide.

1474. Privates--plain, without stripe or welt.

1475. For Companies of Artillery equipped as Light Artillery--sky-blue cloth. All trowsers to be made loose, without plaits, and to spread well over the boot; to be re-enforced for all enlisted mounted men.

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