Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Infantry Officier's Hat Insignia

Officer wearing Hat Insignia Infantry Officer's Hat Insignia
Unknown Officer Wearing Insignia Infantry Officer's Hat Insignia
Inf Horn Inf Horn
Infantry Officer's Hat Insignia for 9th Regiment
(Courtesy: Jay Graybeal)
Infantry Officer's Hat Insignia for 23rd Regiment

These are typical infantry officer's embroidered insignia that were worn on the Jeff Davis hat. Many of these have the number of the regiment in the center on the horn in silver. The number could be either embroidered or in metal. Our one example lacks a number, as do some on period photographs. The horn device was borrowed from European armies where it was used as a badge of light infantry. These units were often drawn from experienced huntmen and foresters. The hunting horn came their symbol. In 1875 the U.S. Army replaced the horn with crossed rifles. About 80% of the Union Army was infantry and the infantry horn is the most commonly encountered of Civil War hat insignia.

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Embroidered Horn not in Oval
False Embroidered Horn
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