Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Branch of Service Insignia

Infantry Horn

Officer's False Embroidered Infantry Horn

The usual officer's hat insignia was an embroidered infantry horn often with the number of the regiment embroidered in the circle. Embroidered insignia were expensive and did not hold up well in the field. Metallic false embroidered insignia, such as this one, were available as a substitute. Although intended for officers, photographs will on occasional show enlisted men also wearing them. The enlisted use of these metallic horn appears to be very common in images of troops from New England states, particually New Hampshire. Two examples of these metallic horns on original forage caps can be seen on pages 176 and 177 of the book Echoes of Glory: Arms and Equipment of the Union.

MORE: Additional Enlisted Man wearing False-Embroidered Horn
Officer's Embroidered Infantry Horn
Officer's Metallic False Embroidered Artillery Crossed Cannons
Officer's Metallic False Embroidered Cavalry Crossed Sabers
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