Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Infantryman's Uniform


Unidentified Private
52nd Illinois Infantry Regiment

details hat
Details Hat Insignia
This image was taken in 1861 while the regiment was in Benton Barracks, St. Louis, Missouri. His hat is either private purchased or one the best jobs of shaping a Jeff Davis hat that was ever done. The hat insignia are very interesting. His infantry horn is not the usual U.S. issued one, but appears to be a metallic, false-embroidered version that was occasionally worn by enlisted men. Unlike an issued horn, this one has tassels hanging below it. His company letter, perhaps an "A" is placed in the inside of the horn. He also wears the regimental number "52" below the horn. He is wearing a regulation uniform frock coat with infantry accouterments. The light blue piping of the collar and cuffs are clearly seen. His belt has an oval U.S. plate with a clip seen to its right to hold the tongue. He has an empty bayonet scabbard, cap box and cartridge box hidden behind the right arm on the belt. The cartridge box is supported by a cross belt having a round plate with an eagle. He supports a Springfield rifle with bayonet. Plugging the barrel of the rifle is a wooden tompion. On his feet are an issued pair of army shoes, called Jefferson boots.

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